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Playing roulette: Orphelins’ strategy

Playing roulette: Orphelins’ strategy

There aren’t strategies that guarantee the win in 100% of cases, obviously, if it were like this casinos wouldn’t even exist. You must always remember that casinos have on their side the odds always in favor, basically the casino always wins, but it doesn’t win over everyone. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to stay on the losers’ side or on the winners’ one.Obviously you don’t decide without effectuating a strategy that increases your odds in favor. Real players know that they have to increase their chances of winning, otherwise the casino wins.

Best systems, easier and faster to use, are those related to roulettes. There are many effective systems that can actually increase the chances of winning, one of these is the famous Orphelins’ system. It’s not about a progressive system of betting, as in most cases, but it’s about a system that aims to cover exactly the 22% of the gaming table using just 5 pieces.
To use this strategy all you have to do is to bet on the struddles of 6 of the 8 Orphelins. We then bet a piece on the struddles 6-9, 17-20, and 31-34 remembering to bet even a piece on 1 and 14.
In this way the betted pieces are only 5 with a gain of 13 pieces, in case one of the struddle reveals to be successful. If, however, turns out to be winning the bet on the full number, the won pieces will be 31.

This strategy turns out to be extremely convenient because with a minimum risk you can get excellent results.
There is also a risky variant to this strategy that involves the use of 8 pieces with a winning of 28 pieces. Like all strategies it won’t always be successful, but it will allow you to have fun and to win often.

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